Compliment Cards Professional EN

The compliment cards from Bonteboel are unique. Every card has a catchy text and a funny illustrations. This combination creates a smile on your face. There is plenty of room on the back of the card to add a personal note.

Target group

The collection ‘Compliment cards Professional EN’ is suitable for professional purposes, such as: at work, business relationships, team members, relatives & friends.

What are the costs?

  • Set of 20 cards € 19,00
  • Set of 40 cards € 34,00

The prices above are excluding shipping costs.

The sets contain random cards and are packed in a gift box. The set of 20 cards doesn’t have a gift box. When the cards are shipped they will be shipped in a mail box package with a track and trace number (only in the Netherlands). Do you want to order a set? Please fill in the order form.

Other possibilities

Would you like an other amount of cards? One specific card? Or a couple of cards from just one card? A combination of Dutch and English cards? Professional and Personal? Ask for the possibilites: order form.

Additional coasts for putting together a set yourself:

  • Set of 20 cards € 1,65
  • Set of 40 Cards € 3,30

Below the collection ‘Compliment Cards Professional English’.

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